The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has signed cooperation agreements with seven countries for nuclear safety in Vienna, Austria.

The NRC renewed four arrangements for the exchange of technical information with Japan, Lithuania, Slovakia, and South Korea and initiated one new arrangement with Poland.

Apart from that, the NRC renewed a Memoranda of Cooperation (MOC) for the import and export of certain radioactive sources with Canada and initiated a new MOC with Australia.

Agreements, which are renewed on a five-year basis, represent a commitment of mutual interest in nuclear safety and facilitate bilateral activities and information sharing between the NRC and other countries.

The NRC’s international cooperation program includes discussions, participation and exchange of information on areas of mutual interest such as operating reactors, control over radioactive sources, safety research, radiation protection, emergency preparedness, risk assessment, licensing, inspection, enforcement, waste management, and security.

NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko said that these agreements are an important part of the its program to enhance safety and security by exchanging information with its international counterparts.