Northern Petroleum, an oil and gas exploration company, has commenced commercial gas production at the Brakel field in the Netherlands.

This is the third of six onshore oil and gas fields that the company is bringing into production, and the forecasted contracted gross sales volume is 200,000 normal cubic meters per day.

Based upon the August 2010 Gasunie price and the calorific value of the Brakel gas measured during testing, a price slightly in excess of €0.21 per normal cubic meter will currently be achieved, and some condensates will also be produced for sale.

This brings into production the third gas field and pipeline development under a 2005 agreement between Northern Petroleum and Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij, the joint Shell/Exxon company in the Netherlands.

Northern Petroleum is the operator and has a 45% licence interest in the field, while Energie Beheer Nederlandse and Dyas BV hold 40% and 15% interests, respectively.