Wind turbine manufacturers Nordex have installed Germany’s first offshore wind turbine.

The N90/2.5 MW offshore turbine with a height of 125 m has been installed some 500m off the quay wall of the Rostock international port on the Baltic. The project was planned by WIND-projekt, Börgerende. In autumn 2005, the sheet-pile wall for the base was established at a water depth of around 2m. The next step will be for the Rostock syndicate to construct the Baltic 1 offshore windfarm off the peninsular of Darss. Also being planned by WIND-project, it will have a capacity of around 54 MW and partially comprise Nordex turbines.

Nordex have also recently won a €25 million turnkey contract for a 21 MW on-shore wind farm in Sardinia.

The company will be constructing the Cadau I wind farm for developer Energia Verde Srl, a subsidiary of the Danish stock listed company Greentech Energy Systems. The project will comprise 14 Nordex S77/1.5 MW turbines, which will be installed in 2006 near Cagliari on Sardinia. In view of the high local temperatures on the Italian island, the 14 turbines will be supplied in a special hot-climate version.