NEXTracker and PES Engineers have signed a 400MW master supply agreement to provide solar trackers and installation services for several projects in India.

The initial project under the deal will ship out next month to a site in central India.

The Government of India is planning to increase the country’s solar energy capacity to 100GW from about 4GW, and generate 60GW of wind energy by 2022.

It has issued guidelines to establish about 25 solar parks, each with a capacity of 500MW and above, by 2022.

NEXTracker said its unlinked rows offer better layout flexibility on a range of sites and reduce operational and maintenance costs.

The company noted that its technology along with PES’ experience in providing energy infrastructure solutions will create a new force for solar systems deployment in India.

PES managing director Vasudeva Prasad said: "After reviewing favorable 3rd party evaluations of NEXTracker’s technology, we found the self-powered tracker to be ideal for maximizing the energy production potential of solar sites throughout India.

"Its independent row architecture and self-powered design will help us deploy more photovoltaics to a wider variety of sites in less time – for less cost. We will also benefit from NEXTracker’s core competencies including system design, commissioning, and O&M support."