An alliance of green energy development companies in Hungary is planning to build a 1000MW pumped storage hydroelectric power plant costing around US$697M.

According to the Interfax news agency, the plant, designed by Hungarian engineering company Eroterv, would comprise four generating units. It is understood that the likely location for the plant is in close proximity to the Tisza river behind the Sima mountain in eastern Hungary.

Several members of Hungary’s National Agricultural Energy Alliance (NAESZ) and other green energy development firms have established an entity called SZET Kft (Szivattyus Energiatarozo) that will build the proposed plant. Construction work will take four or five years from the granting of building permission to the plant’s completion. The NAESZ has already prepared a feasibility study for the project.

Project funding will come from bank loans as well as from the capital of the NAESZ’s founders. It is also possible that European Union funds will be applied for.