UK price comparison provider has pledged to plant a tree for everyone switching to a green tariff in December, in a bid to encourage British citizens to take up environmentally friendly energy tariffs.

The offer comes on the back of research that shows a disappointing rate of green tariff take-up by UK energy users. According to, while the British people have embraced home recycling programs, 64% of people have started recycling household waste in the past two years, only 4% have switched to a green electricity supplier.

Going green does not cost the earth and green fuel tariffs from the ‘big six’ providers are particularly competitive, the price comparison provider said in a statement.

For example, a British Gas customer could save GBP116 per year just by switching to the ‘green’ British Gas Click Energy tariff for their electricity. Alternatively, a British Gas customer switching to green-only provider Ecotricity could save GBP34.51 per year.

Paul Schofield, head of utilities at, said: Switching to a green energy provider is one of the easiest ways to become more environmentally friendly. In the past, green fuel has been the more expensive option, however, the series of price hikes from suppliers this year means all prices have been brought into line and, in some cases, green is now cheaper. There is no longer an excuse not to switch.