The modules for the first HRSG for installation at the giant Beni Suef power plant have started their journey to Egypt.

The modules for the first heat recovery steam generator destined for installation, on its arrival in September, at the Siemens Mega project in Egypt have begun their journey from South Korea to the Beni Suef power plant.
Siemens company NEM is delivering a total of 24 HRSGs for this Mega project, which includes three 4.8 GW turnkey gas fired combined cycle power plants in Beni Suef, Burullus and New Capital. In total eight boilers will be installed in each plant.
The modules for the first HRSG begin their five week journey at the port of Ulsan in South Korea in the Sea of Japan, where it will be loaded into a heavy lift vessel. From there, it will be shipped after a short stop at Tanjung Langsat Port in Malaysia to take a consignment of steel and casings for the same project to the Port of Adabiya on the Red Sea. Onshore, the several ton cargo will be transported to Beni Suef.
This plant will be powered by eight Siemens SGT5-8000H gas turbines, with the HRSGs driving four steam turbines at the power plant.
The overall NEM project scope for the three combined cycle power plants includes engineering, manufacturing and delivery of 24 vertical triple-pressure reheat once-through HRSGs. This type of HRSG was chosen, says Siemens, for its fast and flexible startup and relatively light weight and small footprint. Each boiler contains 24 modules and approximately 14 000 single tubes, each around 20 m in length.