Micro Technologies (India) Limited (Micro Technologies), a developer, manufacturer and marketer of security devices, has introduced a new uninterrupted power supply (UPS), Micro Power Sinewave Home. The two models: 800 VA and 1000 VA of this UPS are available. The new UPS is based on digital signal processing with built-in smart battery management and diagnostic aids. This device also incorporates a five stage battery charge control system.

The new UPS is claimed to be 100% safe for all electronic equipments with extended battery life.

The new Micro Power Sinewave Home offers a reliable power supply for the exceeding amounts of power cuts seen in India.

“With the daily load shedding of 3-5 hours in the some region of the state people’s life has become uncomfortable. The Micro Power Sinewave Home UPS will definitely relieving the people from these frequent power cuts in the state and across India,” stated Vivek Agrawal, head of the department of IIT, Power Electronics.

There are seven audio alarms to alert users about system fault, short circuit, low battery, overload, reset, weak DC connection and water reminder. The new Micro Power Sinewave Home appliance is completely safe for any electronic equipment with long battery life. The 800 and 1000 VA models of the new UPS are available for a retail price of INR6,400 and INR7,400 respectively.

Currently, these products are available at 110 Micro Shoppe across India.