Brazil-based oil and gas exploration and production company HRT Participações em Petróleo has announced the commencement of drilling Murombe-1 well on Murombe Prospect in Walvis basin, offshore Namibia.

HRT is drilling the well to target Murombe Prospect located in Petroleum Exploration License 23 (PEL-23), while the company had drilled the Wingat-1 well on the prospect and recovered liquid hydrocarbon.

The Murombe-1 well is located 220km northwest of Walvis Bay in 1,391m of water depth and about 15km east of HRT’s first well on PEL-23. The well will test a 1,000km² basin floor fan on a way4-dip closure at its highest structural elevation within a turbidite complex.

HRT is drilling the well to test the resource potential of Barremian aged turbidite reservoirs as its primary objective and a shallower secondary objective, the Santonian aged Baobab confined channel complex with turbidite reservoirs.

HRT Participações em Petróleo CEO Milton Franke said, "We hope to benefit from the positive results of the Wingat-1 where source rocks and light oil were discovered."

The company has plans to spud the well to a projected total depth of 5,360m using semi-submersible Transocean Marianas.