New Zealand utility Meridian Energy has confirmed that it will go ahead with its Wellington, New Zealand wind farm and expects to begin enabling work on the project within the next month. In addition, the company announced a new one-stop service for home owners that are struggling to stay energy efficient and save money.

Meridian’s chief executive, Keith Turner, said that the so-called Project West Wind would make a substantial contribution to renewable energy in the lower North Island of New Zealand. This wind farm is using a superb wind resource, the envy of the electricity industry internationally. It is expected to be generating 92% of the time, he said.

Dr Turner said that although the company still has to work through the final details and execute a number of contracts, he could confirm that the project will be a 62-turbine development that would generate between 140MW and 150MW, more than enough to supply every household in Wellington city.

Dr Turner went on to say that construction would take two years, and that further information relating to the work and timing will be available when the start date is confirmed.

Meanwhile, the company said that its new energy service, known as Right House, will provide a service for people who want to create high-performing homes that are cheaper to run. Meridian hopes that the new subsidiary business will help consumers to understand that investment in design- and resource-efficient appliances will be good for the environment.

Targeting homeowners, new home builders, or new housing projects, the service will integrate a full package of technologies with design and installation services to create an exceptional standard of health and comfort, commented Dr Turner.

Right House will be offering its services throughout New Zealand within the next 12 months.