The Marib – Ras Isa oil pipeline was shut down early on 8 February 2013, after armed men attacked and blew up pipeline in Yemen’s eastern province, which is a stronghold of Al Qaida, reported AFP.

The 320km-long pipeline has a capacity to transport 180,000 barrels per day (bpd) of oil. It carries oil from the Safer oilfields in Marib to an export terminal on the Red Sea.

The pipeline and terminal is operated by SAFER Exploration & Production Operations Company.

Later, the army fired at Al Haween in Wadi Abida where the pipeline was blown up, according to the news agency. No casualties were reported.

The country produces about 300,000bpd of oil every day mostly to export and attacks by tribesmen and Al Qaida men on pipelines are very common in Yemen for seeking concessions from the government.

Official figures indicate that the attacks on pipelines have cost Yemen over $1bn in 2012 and the oil export has fallen by 4.5%.