Mainstream Renewable Power’s Chilean subsidiary has secured environmental approval for a 264MW wind farm.

The Cerro Tigre wind farm is estimated to cost about $360m. It will be located near the town of Antogasta in the north of Chile and will be connected to the northern grid.

The wind farm will consist of 80 wind turbines installed in an area of 1,131 hectares.

Mainstream Renewable Power Chile CEO Bart Doyle said: "This work will contribute to the development of a diversified, clean and reliable energy mix which will provide an efficient solution to the country and the people of this region.

"We are a company that develops its own projects and we are always looking for new opportunities for solar and wind energy developments, and the Region of Antofagasta has important attributes that enable this."

Mainstream Renewable Power says that it will also begin the construction of two more wind farms in Chile which have combined capacity of 300MW of power. The projects include the Sarco wind farm and Aurora wind farm.

The wind farms are located in Atacama and Los Lagos regions, respectively. They will be connected to the Central Interconnected System.

Recently, Mainstream Renewable Power signed a contract with Senvion to supply wind turbines for the two wind farms.

Senvion will supply 50 wind turbines, each with 3.4MW capacity to the Sarco wind farm and 43 wind turbines with 3MW capacity to the Aurora wind farm.

The construction of the projects is expected to be completed in the spring of 2017.