Maersk Oil has acquired licenses to Clean Energy System's Oxy-Fuel technology that allows zero-emission power generation in combination with oil and gas projects.

The Oxy-Fuel technology uses pure oxygen to combust natural gas or other fuels to produce water, electricity and carbon dioxide (CO2).

Water and power can be provided to consumers, while the captured CO2 can be used for Enhanced Oil and Gas Recovery projects, ensuring a zero emission operation.

The US Department of Energy has awarded Clean Energy System $30m as part of its program to lower industrial emissions.

Maersk Oil Technology and Innovation director Pieter Kapteijn said that the technology enables power generation free from CO2 emission, while boosting oil and gas extraction in difficult or mature fields.

Clean Energy System said that the process can be used onshore and offshore, and is well suited to low quality gas fields containing CO2.

The CO2 is separated from condensed steam after combustion and can then be re-injected into a field to increase the amount of oil or gas recovered.