Lighting Science Group (LSG) has secured a contract to install its energy efficient Prolific LED series street lights in Washington, DC, saving considerable amount of money in energy and maintenance costs each year.

The Prolific LED series street lights are claimed to be 50% more energy efficient that the traditional high pressure sodium (HPS) street lights, while providing more uniform light distribution and increasing light levels.

LSG will start with the deployment of the lights in alleys across the district, beginning in Wards 7 and 8 and will eventually install energy-efficient light fixtures throughout the city including all the alleys, streets, bridges, tunnels and underpasses, pedestrian walkways, bike and running trails.

The installation of the new energy saving light fixtures under the project, which will be financed with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds, will begin in early 2011.

Lighting Science Group CEO Zach Gibler said that with rising energy costs across world, cities like Washington, D.C. are looking for ways save energy — Lighting Science Group’s LED products are an obvious solution.

"The LED street lights provided will improve both the environment and the city’s bottom line by delivering a 50% energy savings over HPS street lights and will last approximately five times as long," Gibler said.