Long Island Power Authority (LIPA), a non-profit municipal electric provider, has launched a Plug-In Electric Hybrid Vehicle (PHEV) Rebate program at Atlantic Chevrolet Cadillac of Bay Shore.

The rebate, to be offered under Efficiency Long Island program, will offer LIPA customers a one-time rebate check of $500 towards the purchase and registration of a new, qualified plug-in hybrid electric vehicle or plug-in electric vehicle (PEV).

The rebate, effective until 2011 end, amounting to yearly cost of charging PHEV or purchasing cost for an optional charging station, provides financial assistance to LIPA customers.

The program also allows LIPA to monitor the purchase and location of electric plug-in hybrid vehicles for reliability of the utility system which facilitates planning for Long Island’s energy future.

LIPA chief operating officer Michael Hervey said that LIPA is the first utility in the state to offer this type of program to its customers.
"Providing incentives for PHEVs and PEVs, which will likely be charged at off-peak times, will allow for LIPA to purchase power at lower costs, which benefits all of our customers economically and environmentally," Hervey said.