Leviton Manufacturing has teamed up with Insolroll Window Shading Systems to develop completely wireless, 'battery free' solution sets for Solar Shading.

The solar shading solutions can enable energy savings in virtually any room environment that features a range of comprehensive energy management options, incorporating a wireless self-powered, independent room control architecture, advanced thermal energy solar shade fabrication and Somfy wireless motorization technologies.

The solar shading system’s unified architecture is completely modular and incorporates Insolroll’s advanced fabrication of solar shading products, using intelligent Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) radio frequency (RF) motorization technology and Leviton’s extended suite of self-powered, EnOcean-enabled LevNet controls.

The standalone, single-room shading systems, which will provide buildings with added convenience, comfort and energy savings, is a hybrid solution that combine the benefits of EnOcean and RTS wireless operating platforms and building control systems.

From simple installations to virtually maintenance-free operations, the solutions created by the alliance will present customized energy harvesting solutions that will help building operators and owners efficiently manage natural and artificial lighting for maximum energy savings, workforce comfort and convenience.

The use of automated shading systems can decrease a building’s energy consumption and carbon footprint by lessening its dependence on HVAC and artificial lighting systems.

The solutions will also minimize glare and heat for building occupants, creating a comfortable environment.