Coulomb Technologies, a company that provides EV charging station infrastructure, has installed its ChargePoint networked electric vehicle (EV) charging station at Harv’s Car Wash (1901 L Street) in greater metro Sacramento area as part of its $37m ChargePoint America program.

The installation of the Harv’s Car Wash ChargePoint station, which will provide Level II charging for electric vehicles, has been done by Coulomb distributor Clean Fuel Connection.

Coulomb’s ChargePoint America will offer hundreds of free EV charging stations for public and home charging to individuals and businesses in the Sacramento area with Ford and Chevrolet joining Coulomb in this program to introduce their respective EVs in the coming months.

The company plans to provide nearly 5,000 charging stations to the program participants in nine regions in the US, including Austin, Texas, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, Florida, Sacramento, California, Bellevue/Redmond and Washington DC.

All drivers of plug-in vehicles can have access to the ChargePoint network by making a toll free call to the 24/7 number on each charging station or signing up without a subscription via contactless credit cards.

ChargePoint Network provides information on the charging status by SMS text or email notification, location of unoccupied charging stations via smart phones and includes smart grid integration with built in utility grade metering, time of use pricing and demand response control.

Coulomb Technologies CEO Richard Lowenthal said that Sacramento will be a model EV-ready city as major automakers introduce exciting new EVs.