Kraftanlagen (KAH) and STEAG Energy Services believe that pooling their competencies will increase their market penetration and provide them with greater access to the national and international nuclear power plant decommissioning market.

By signing a cooperative agreement on 22 June 2016, the companies, which had already worked together on individual projects, step up their cooperation.

In the future, the partners will jointly compete for national and international projects in the following areas: Conditioning and waste treatment plants, decommissioning projects (overall concepts and individual solutions) as well as process technology related plants and components for decommissioning.

Hans Genthner, managing director of Kraftanlagen Heidelberg, said: "Our service portfolios complement each other perfectly. By working together more closely, we are positioned even better in the area of decommissioning nuclear plants."

KAH provides comprehensive expertise in power plant and process technology, and SES has many years of experience with storage and disposal systems.