Integrated Water Technologies has opened its first DEP approved FracPure treatment and recycling plant in North Fayette Township, southwest Pennsylvania, US.

The facility currently provides phase one of the FracPure treatment process, using chemical treatment and filtration to recycle 250,000 gallons per day providing 100% re-use of flowback.

The company said that no water will be discharged into rivers and streams in the process, helping the natural gas industry ease statewide environmental water concerns.

FracPure phase one treatment will be provided during the construction of the first full scale.

The centralized FracPure Brine treatment plant is slated for completion in early 2012.

The full scale FracPure Brine treatment plant will remediate flow back brine into cleaned water exceeding all EPA and State drinking water standards of 500 parts per million of total dissolved solids, and Pennsylvania’s Chapter 95 wastewater requirements, which is safe to return to the water table and into rivers and streams.

The only other byproducts are 99.7% pure salts for water softening and liquid salt for erosion control and de-icing of roads.

FracPure reduces water supply costs by creating new sources, reduces trucking costs with on-site treatment and recycling, and reduces plant operation costs by creating commercially sold salt products.