US-based Innovative Solar Systems (ISS) is in the process of selling off more than 5GW of solar farm assets that exist in over twenty states.

ISS only deals with large Institutional size investors, High Net worth Family Offices, Capital Groups, Investment Bankers and Funds for their current blocks of Solar Farm assets that the company is selling.

Innovative sold approximately forty (40) projects just last week that total approximately 1.5GW's and is aggressively marketing the remainder of their projects as the company issues this release.

ISS has become known in the Solar Industry as the lead developer of Utility Scale Solar Farm projects and has a track record that is UN paralleled in the industry. The company has bragging rights to the largest Solar Farms in the Eastern US and is now developing even larger projects in the mid-west.

Innovative Solar Systems sells their large blocks of Solar Farm projects in a variety of manners that seem to work well for investors. Many Billion Dollar funds are securing 2GW-4GW blocks of projects from ISS under an SPV structure whereby the investor is made a 1/3 partner in the SPV for group of projects, then gets to cherry pick the higher return prime deals and then has the ability to jointly sell off the remainder of the projects with ISS for large profits.

In this SPV scenario an Investor is able to own the highest return projects in the industry while achieving an overall large return in the SPV which offsets their buy costs of the projects they wish to own. The net cost of buying prime solar farms in this scenario is excellent.

A second sales model that ISS uses for smaller size investors or funds is whereby the investor is allowed to buy smaller blocks of projects, typically 300MW to 1GW, place nonrefundable monies at LOI time, more money when the Purchase Power Agreement is on the table and then a financial close.

In this scenario, the buyer or investor is committing upfront to the projects they wish to purchase and own but there is low risk due to the fact the buyer's deposit monies are credited to the purchase of other projects within their portfolio if one or any of their projects in their portfolio do not achieve 'Shovel Ready' status. Innovative Solar Systems has been the pioneer in developing and building some of the highest return Solar Farms in the industry for their clients.