India and Italy are set to sign an exchange agreement to establish a research centre for the tapping and transfer of non-conventional energy, according to reports.

Speaking at an interactive session on Clean Development Mechanisms, Director General Dr Corradio Clini of Italy’s Department for Environmental Research and Development said that the nation would sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with India to establish a centre in New Delhi to co-operate on harnessing green energy sources.

Clini said that Italy could supply the latest technology for small hydro plants that India is proposing, which would create a major impact in the Asian country’s hydro sector.

The agreement is due to be signed at the end of February according to sources, although Clini withheld financial figures.

The MoU, which will help India reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, will also focus on solar, tidal, bio fuel and wind along with small hydro.