Portugal-based biodiesel equipment provider Incbio has signed a contract with a wholly-owned subsidiary of Green Energy Group.

Green Energy Group is planning to construct a 8,000 million tons a year biodiesel plant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

As per the agreed terms, Incbio will install ultrasonic reactors as well as solid catalyst acid esterification technology for the production of biodiesel from grease trap oil (brown grease).

The grease will be sourced from municipal wastewater treatment plants, local councils and waste grease collectors in the country.

Incbio CEO José Marques said, "We have worked closely with Green Energy Group in the technology selection and are extremely happy to have been given the opportunity to assist them in their expansion plans, which will see the company becoming one of the leading biodiesel players in the Asian market over the next couple of years."

The company’s multi-feedstock technology allows industrial units to convert a wide range of raw materials into high quality Biodiesel.

Green Energy Group chairman Jerry Yip added, "Over the coming years we will be installing several of these plants in Asia and our main target is ensuring our plants work seamlessly and efficiently, producing second generation biodiesel in accordance with the highest international standards."