Iran Calls for POWER tenders

The Iran government has put the 900 MWe Gillan Pareh-Sar combined cycle plant up for international tender under a BOT scheme. The government said the main criteria were: speed of construction; availability of free land; availability of fuel; and assurance of power purchase.

Edison BUYS Roosecote

Edison Mission Energy has acquired Norweb’s 20 per cent stake in the 220 MWe combined cycle Roosecote Power Project located at Barrow-in-Furness in Northern England for £15.5 million. Edison Mission Energy already owns the other 80 per cent stake.

Fortum buys Wesertal

Fortum of Finland bought all shares of regional German utility Elektrizitätswerk Wesertal for DM 740 million. As a result, Fortum becomes a 16 per cent owner of Grohnde nuclear power plant.

KESC to switch to natural gas

Cash-starved Karachi Electric Supply Corp (KESC) plans to switch its thermal power generation units at Bin Qasim (1188 MWe) and Korangi (360 MWe) from imported furnace oil to use locally available gas. The total offtake of furnace oil by the KESC for power generation ranges from 4000-4500 tons/day. It would require about 250 million cubic feet/day of gas.

Open door shuts plant

The 220 MWe Narora nuclear power plant was shut down when an airlock door leading to the reactor came off its hinges. There was no danger of any leakage, and repairs are due to be completed by the end of October.

Exempt CHP

Industrial representatives are pressing the UK government to fully exempt CHP from the government’s Climate Change Levy.