Ideal Power, an innovative power conversion technology company and W Energies Solar One, a streamlined solar energy provider, have partnered to develop one of the first commercial solar-plus-storage energy system in North Texas.

The system, which will include grid resiliency and critical load backup, is being deployed at the headquarters of Tyler Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of end-to-end information management solutions and services for local governments. The solar panels backed by batteries are being implemented to help Tyler deliver environmentally friendly and cost-effective power, while withstanding power outages.

For the people and products that serve the public – police officers, teachers, 911 dispatchers and trial judges – the systems and technology that they depend on must not be compromised when the power grid goes down. For this reason, this public-sector technology provider has commissioned this solar-plus-storage resilient energy system to support its operations, and allow the company to continue to work and address its clients’ needs at any time.

“Thanks to declining system costs – primarily in batteries – public sector agencies and the companies that support them now have the opportunity to capitalize on clean renewable energy, coupled with energy storage to protect operations against power failures and keep our cities, counties and states moving forward,” said Dan Brdar, CEO of Ideal Power. “We believe that this pilot project will become a unique value add to Tyler Technologies and the services it provides to its clients.”

The project will entail two separate systems, each comprised of a 150 kilowatt (kW) solar photovoltaics (PV) array coupled with 300 kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy storage that will maintain power generation for two corporate campus buildings. Each of these solar and storage systems are integrated through five Ideal Power Stabiliti™ 30C3 multiport power converters, a compact solution that efficiently enables bi-directional power flow between solar, storage and the microgrid, all in one box. In the event the power grid fails, the system will keep power generation stable for several hours, sustaining the power load the on-site computing and information technology systems require.

“We’re pleased to see the potential for this project to scale across public sector entities as this cost-effective and environmentally progressive solution gains more attention,” said Matthew Rater, director of operations for W Energies Solar One. “According to our analysis, we believe that our systems combined with Ideal Power’s power conversion technologies can offer payback in less than seven years, making it a compelling solution for renewable electricity that can withstand power outages.”