A contract notice has been issued for dam construction in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The contract is for supervision of the Ufsarstifla dam and the Hraunaveita diversion of the Kárahnjúkar hydroelectric project. Ufsarstifla dam is a 650m long and 38m high rock fill dam with a concrete spillway and a bottom outlet.

Hraunaveita diversion comprises one earth fill dam 1650m long and 26m high with a concrete spillway, and two smaller dams with appurtenances. Also two drill and blast tunnels, each 2000m long and 4.5m wide, and approximately 3000m of diversion canals.

CONTACT: Landsvirkjun, Attn: Th. Hallorsson, Head of Purchasing, IS-103 Reykjavik, Iceland. Tel: +354 515 9000. Fax: +354 515 9006. Email: innkaup@lv.is.

Date of tender: 14 February 2006.

Number of document: 248398-2005.