SOLARPOWER International (SPI 2017) September 10-13, 2017 Mandalay Bay Convention Center Las Vegas, NV, USA Berlin, Germany (May 29, 2017)

Connecting the solar industry with hydrogen technologies

  • Market leaders like ITM Power and Nel Hydrogen present the storage of renewable energy through electrolysis
  • Air Liquide and WEH Industries inform about hydrogen refueling
  • Confirmed registrations of 30 exhibitors, 70% sold floor space

One of the major topics of Hydrogen + Fuel Cells NORTH AMERICA will be the storage of renewable energies. Wind and solar energy can be stored through the production of hydrogen via water electrolysis. Electrolyser companies like ITM Power, Nel Hydrogen, Secure Supply and Giner inform about their latest developments.

Building up a hydrogen infrastructure
Air Liquide informs about the expansion of their hydrogen refueling station network in the US, allowing the use of hydrogen as a clean source for zero-emission fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). The fueling nozzles will be presented by the market leader WEH Technologies.

Hydrogen compressed
PDC Machines presents SimpleFuelTM, a fully integrated hydrogen generation, compression, storage and dispensing appliance capable of delivering up to 5 kg/day of hydrogen to vehicles at pressures up to 700 bar. Several hydrogen compressor companies like Haskel, RIX Industries, Andreas Hofer and Hydro-Pac will exhibit.

Hexagon Composites show high-pressure vessels to store natural gas and hydrogen for the use in mobile and stationary applications.

Components for fuel cells
A fuel cell is a device that combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity, heat and water. Exhibitors like Aperam, borit, Graebener and Impact Coatings will inform about bipolar plates, which are main components of fuel cells.

Learn more in our forum
Exhibitors and leading industry experts will feature a comprehensive forum program, including company presentations and discussions. The connection between the hydrogen technology and solar industry will be explained daily by using an education exhibit.

Information about the fair
The topics of H2+FC NORTH AMERICA will include hydrogen generation, storage and transportation, fuel cell systems and applications, stationary-, automotive-, mobile fuel cells, special markets, components and supplying technology, fuel cell and battery testing.

SPI 2017 is expecting 650 exhibitors and 18,000 visitors from across the solar industry and adjacent industry sectors. The Energy Storage International (ESI), with more than 115 exhibitors the largest energy storage event in North America, will be co-located with the SPI as well.

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