Hubbell Lighting has launched its new wiHUBB Wireless Distributed Lighting Control system, that operates on a Synapse Network Appliance Protocol.

WiHUBB lighting technology is a secure peer-to-peer, self-organizing and self-healing mesh network of fixture modules, occupancy/vacancy sensors, daylight harvesting sensors and switch stations designed specifically for indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

The system uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-128), the same encryption technology utilized by the US government for secure data transmission.

The wiHUBB Access Point also uses Secure Socket Layer protocol, the standard for web security authentication.

Hubbell Lighting president Scott Muse said by utilizing wireless technology, wiHUBB makes the installation and maintenance of these energy saving lighting controls in new construction and retrofits simple and painless.

"wiHUBB-enabled smart fixtures will plug and play in the wiHUBB Distributed Intelligent Wireless Lighting Control system to make sourcing and commissioning a no-brainer," Muse said.

Hubbell Lighting is a lighting fixture manufacturer in North America engaged in providing a full range of indoor and outdoor lighting products serving the commercial, industrial, institutional and residential markets.