High Plains Gas (HPG), a US based energy company, has taken over the operations of Marathon Oil's natural gas wells known as the North and South Fairway assets in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming.

These newly acquired assets consist of 1,614 coal bed methane wells with associated flow lines and over 155,000 net acres producing about 17,000 gross mcfpd.

Approximately 803 of the wells are not currently producing gas and are considered idle wells.

High Plains Gas VP of operations Greg Greenough said that the company’s primary focus in its first months of operation is an identification and reactivation of idle wells that have historically produced significant levels of natural gas.

"With the previous HPG wells we have recompleted, we have averaged a 300% increase in daily gas production per well," Greenough said.

According to the company, the gas coming from these wells is ‘pipeline spec’ gas, which means it is considered clean gas that is ready to be marketed.