SC Hidroelectrica SA (Hidroelectrica) anticipates its 2009 production to be 18 terrawatts/hour. As per the information supplied by the Ministry of Economy, the investment and the upgradation works were worth RON20.176 billion. In 2008, the national hydropower production was 17.1 terrawatts/hour. The export of electricity at country level in 2008 was of some 7 terrawatts/hour and the balance between imports and exports was of 4.4 terrawatts/hour.

The Ministry of Economy estimates no change in the average balance between export-import over the past years.

As per the development strategy of Hidroelectrica for 2005- 2025, the company targets new investment worth RON15.885 billion.

Hidroelectrica aims to turn 63 micro-power plants private in 2009 and for some of them the auction procedure has been set off. The projects of the Economy Ministry in this sector focus on the construction of new hydropower plants and the completion of hydro projects which are under various execution stages from own financial sources or under public -private partnership.

Hidroelectrica provides 33% of Romania’s overall electricity production through its 307 power plants.