GrowGreen Power, an integrator of renewable energy systems plans to develop a 43.7MW co-generation power plant in the Piedmont area of North Carolina, US.

The $250m plant which will runs on biomass and solar thermal energy will supply roughly 37MW to the state grid.

The project will be majorly fed with wood waste and wood pulp, as biomass will provide the majority of the generation.

The site will also house a 50-acre greenhouse, which will produce tomatoes developed hydroponically.

Solar panels will be installed into the greenhouse to obstruct the plants from getting sunlight, according to

GrowGreen spokesperson Sean Lehman said the company is working with another company to sequester the carbon dioxide in a bid to cut down on the emissions.

"We’ll also reuse some of that carbon dioxide and recycle the waste heat to heat and cool the greenhouse." Lehman said.