Green Street Solar Power has partnered with Ampion to provide a superior customer experience for their energy assets through the deployment of Ampion's user-friendly software platform.

Since its formation in 2014, Green Street has developed, financed, and installed 8 MW of commercial solar projects which it will own and operate under power purchase agreements, with an additional 9 MW under construction and 30 MW in the pipeline. Green Street has partnered with Ampion, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that will maintain and optimize future sites managing subscription, performance, and customer services on Green Street's behalf through its software platform.

"This partnership is really going to change the game for us," said Scott Kerner, CEO and Cofounder of Green Street. "We're completely focused on providing the best client experience for our projects, investors, and customers, and the Ampion platform makes it so easy to surpass customer expectations."

Ampion's CEO Nate Owen shares a similar optimism for the partnership's potential. "We're witnessing an energy transformation," he said. "Today, solar power is competitive with fossil fuels, and companies like Green Street are revitalizing the energy market while stimulating the economy. We're proud to be working with them as they continue to build solar sites across the country, making clean energy affordable and accessible to everyone."

Through its program, Green Street will offer power to subscribers at a discount to the utility rate. By accessing Ampion's platform, subscribers will be able to login to their own portal to review their accounts, including a history of their financial savings, energy production, and environmental impact.