Custom Carbon Processing (CCP), a subsidiary of Green Oasis Environmental, has plans to upgrade its salt water injection facility which is located near Wibaux in Montana,US.

CCP has also reported that at the same time, the Waldo slop oil processing facility has expanded its operations by installing new equipment.

The Waldo facility has now installed additional equipment to give CCP the ability to process the variance of product currently being received.

This will also allow CCP to process a higher amount of solids that come with tank bottoms, slop oils and drilling fluids.

Upgrades to the Michels injection well will include increasing the tank infrastructure, implementing a more efficient oil skimming system, and re-structuring the piping.

These upgrades will allow a higher capacity of water volume to be injected daily, optimal oil recovery, and year-round injection capabilities, the company said.

Montana Operations project manager Mark Hurst said with all of the drilling activities going on in the Northern part of Montana and North Dakota, injection wells are at capacity and are pressuring up along with the oil formations.