Google has launched a new online tool to help residents in San Francisco and Fresno in California, and around Boston, Massachusetts, US, determine how much amount can be saved with rooftop solar energy.


Known as Project Sunroof, the new tool will utilize its mapping and computing resources to help residents assess the best way to install rooftop solar panels in order to reduce their energy bills.

The tool will use information from Google Maps and other databases to initially create personalized roof analysis once the customer enters address.

Based on factors like roof orientation, shade from trees and nearby buildings, and local weather patterns, the tool will determine amount of sunlight that hits the rooftop annually.

The tool, which can also help connect the customer with local solar providers, will then estimate the potential amount the solar panels could save.

Google Project Sunroof lead engineer Carl Elkin was quoted by Associated Press as saying that the new tool is expected to help increase the green energy use and reduce carbon emissions.

The technology is planned to be made available in additional regions in the coming months.

Image: Google’s Project Sunroof is designed to help calculate the how much cost could be saved using rooftop solar panels. Photo: courtesy of Google.