The Guide 10 Adventure Kit is an ultra-lightweight solar charging system created for broad functionality, and it functions as a pocket size battery charger for a variety of USB and DC portable devices.

The company said, the solar charging system when fully charged delivers enough portable power to charge a cell phone for 30 hours, a smart phone for 7-10 hours, or an iPod for 40 hours.

The Guide 10 Adventure Kit consists of an AA and AAA-compatible power pack and a 7W solar panel system composed of mono-crystalline solar cells, providing the highest return electricity rate of any currently available solar technology.

The durable solar panels attract enough energy to fully charge the AA/AAA batteries in the power pack within 1.5 hours of full sunlight.

Users can then charge their handheld devices by connecting them to the compact power pack’s USB or 12V output ports, the company said.