Goal Zero has introduced the Goal Zero Guide 10 rechargeable power pack and Guide 10 Adventure Kit, delivering its cost-effective, compact and lightweight solar energy system in the US.

Consisting of four AA rechargeable batteries, a USB output port, and an LED flashlight, the Goal Zero Guide 10 power pack is designed to work in conjunction with the 7W mono-crystalline solar panels of the Goal Zero Nomad 7M.

Together, they create the Guide 10 Adventure Kit, which completely charges in four hours of full sunlight and delivers portable power to a variety of USB and DC devices.

Goal Zero CEO Joe Atkin said that the Guide 10 Adventure Kit addresses this need through the combination of a compact rechargeable power pack and a foldable solar panel kit, allowing consumers to power their devices anywhere and at anytime.

Created for broad functionality, the Guide 10 Adventure Kit delivers 30 hours of power for a cell phone, 7-10 hours for a smart phone, as well as 40 hours for an iPod.

Goal Zero said that the Guide 10 power pack can be charged either from the Nomad 7M’s solar panels or from a laptop via USB connection.