The Glasgow Electric Plant Board (EPB) in the US is installing Sunverge Energy’s smart energy storage systems for demand response program.


The systems will be installed in 165 homes which will help the municipally-owned electric utility achieve its target of reducing carbon emissions by 25%.

After installation, the systems will provide utility-grade storage at individual homes. They will feature software in the cloud to manage the storage.

Power from the electric grid will be captured at night or when demand and cost are lower.

In case of peak demand and higher costs, the utility will order the batteries to release that power and distribute it to its customers for reducing the need to deliver additional energy from traditional generating facilities.

Sunverge said its systems also have the potential to offer a reliable source of backup electric power to customers when storms or other events disturb service on the grid.

Sunverge Energy co-founder and CEO Ken Munson said: "Glasgow is our first customer to use distributed storage without solar to create significant network value.

"While many of our installations are in tandem with the use of solar panels, our technology offers the same reliability, cost savings and emissions reductions regardless of the source of the power."

Image: Glasgow EPB plans to install Sunverge Energy’s smart energy storage systems in 165 homes. Photo: courtesy of Sunverge Energy Inc.