GigOptix Inc. (GigOptix) has introduced a new 12 channel 10Gb/s Transimpedance Limiting Amplifier (TIA/LA), HXR4112. The HXR4112 offers a cost effective solution and simplifies the system design with its compact size and use of minimal external components. The 2-wire interface of HXR4112 provides full programmability enabling control of signal peaking, modulation and average currents and providing access to temperature and output power monitoring on a channel by channel basis.

The HXR4112 is combined with the existing HXT4104/HXT4112/HXT4004/HXT4012 VSCEL drivers and HXR4104 receiver. The newly introduced HXR4112 completes the GigOptix parallel 10G line up offering the greatest number of parallel physical media devices in the marketplace.

Designed for use in Active Optical Cables (AOC), SNAP12 and QSFP4 optical modules, GigOptix HXT4 VCSEL drivers and receivers serve the markets of high performance computing optical interconnects, switch and router optical backplanes as well as the new 40G and 100G Ethernet standards.

GigOptix is a US-based provider of electronic engines.