GE has been awarded a contract by China Energy Engineering Group -Guangdong Power Engineering for supply of gas turbine for repowering Unit 4 of Bangladesh Power Development Board’s (BPDB) Ghorashal Power Plant located at Narsingdi district.

In line with the Government of Bangladesh’s generation expansion plans to add around 12 GW electricity by 2018, the repowering of Ghorashal is an important milestone as it will result in an addition of more than 200 MW of clean energy output and an efficiency increase of more than 20%.

Bangladesh is at the cusp of rapid transformation, and electricity is one of the key drivers that is steering the rapid industrialization of the country. The repowering of Ghorashal power station, which is one of the power hubs in Bangladesh, will play a pivotal role in achieving the energy goals of the country. Collectively, the repowering of Unit 4, close on the heels of Unit 3, will result in an addition of more than 400 MW of clean energy to the national grid of Bangladesh.

As part of this project scope, the existing gas-fired boiler of Unit 4 at Ghorashal plant will be substituted with GE’s advanced 9F.03 AGP Gas Turbine with Advanced Gas Path (AGP) technology including advisory services for installation, performance testing and two years of operational spares during warranty period. The repowering will add 25 years to the overall lifetime of the power plant, increase its efficiency from the existing 31% to more than 53%, and improve the overall output of the plant to 409MW, from the current 170MW.

Deepesh Nanda, CEO, Gas Power Systems, GE South Asia said, “The power sector in Bangladesh is on the rise and we are upbeat about the opportunities it presents. As one of the world’s largest suppliers of gas turbines, our latest advanced products are at the heart of world’s most efficient power plants. We are committed to supporting the government in its endeavor to bring efficient and reliable power for the people of Bangladesh through our extensive portfolio of technology and solutions.”

GE is a power generation pioneer with more than 60 years in gas turbine technology and manufacturing. Approximately one third of the world’s installed power base includes GE equipment, with more than 28,000 power generating assets, representing about 1,600,000 MW of installed capacity in 120 countries. GE has been a partner to Bangladesh for more than 45 years, and today more than 30 gas turbines are installed in the country generating more than 1.9 GW of power.