South Korea’s Doosan Heavy Industries is to manufacture and install two 1,455 MW N2R steam turbines under a deal with GE. The turbines will be used for two new reactors at the Shin Kori nuclear plant in southeastern Korea.

GE will design and provide key components for the machines, which will be the largest 60 Hz steam turbines in the world featuring a 1.25 m last-stage bucket group and a three-dimensional aero steam path.

The two steam turbines will be installed as units 3 & 4 at Shin Kori, with a combined output of 2,900 MW. Under the contract, GE will design the new steam turbines as well as provide Doosan with low-pressure section buckets, a turbine control package, excitation components and a stator leakage monitoring system. The scope of the contract also includes technical services, spare parts, training and performance testing. The equipment will be shipped to Korea in January 2010 and the new units will begin commercial operation in 2013.

The N Series steam turbines are two-stage, reheat, tandem compound designs for nuclear applications up to 1,500 MW and feature monoblock rotors.

The two-unit pressurised water reactor Shin Kori facility is to be operated by Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co (KHNP).

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