GE has acquired all of the assets of Calnetix Power Solutions (CPS), a Florida-based company that develops technology for small-scale, waste heat-to-power projects, to expand its power generation technologies portfolio.

Recovering waste heat from industrial processes and using it to produce electricity is a growing trend in the global power industry offering high efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint, GE said.

CPS offers waste heat to power technology to generate electricity using the waste heat of various types of engines, biomass boilers and gas turbines, and the acquired business will be integrated into GE’s Jenbacher gas engine business, based in Jenbach, Austria.

In addition to the CPS assets, GE also acquired certain underlying intellectual property from Calnetix, CPS’s parent company.

All of the acquired assets, along with GE’s Jenbacher technical and distribution capabilities, will enable GE to provide advanced and comprehensive offerings for customers in the waste heat recovery power generation space.