GE has won a contract to deliver full plant maintenance services for Samra Electric Power Company (SEPCO)’s 1.17GW combined cycle power plant in Jordan.

Under a multi-year agreement (MYA), GE will also be responsible for the maintenance and repairs for critical power generation equipment of the Samra Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) Power Plant located in the Zarqa region.

The Samra CCGT supplies power into the national grid, catering to both residential and commercial customers.

According to GE, the plant services contract will help in cutting down on maintenance costs of the CCGT, improve the assets availability at the plant while boosting operational output and efficiency.

GE Middle East & Africa power services business President & CEO Joseph Anis said: “The agreement with SEPCO underpins the transformational value that GE can bring to our customers.

“We are honoured to help SEPCO reduce maintenance costs and improve asset performance at Samra for greater plant availability and more reliable operations.”

Seven gas turbines of GE that were installed and in operations at the Samra Station have been covered under the maintenance contract.

SEPCO managing director Amjad Al Rawashdeh said: “The collaboration with GE marks our focus on the continuous improvement of operations at Samra and the better utilization of assets at the power station.

“Jordan’s energy needs are estimated to be growing at about 5 percent per annum. GE’s expertise and advanced solutions will help us to support the cost-effective supply of power to meet the requirements of people and industry in general.”

As per the MYA, an Advanced Gas Path (AGP) upgrade will be provided by GE for 9E gas turbine units. The US-based company will also deliver its MXL2 upgrade for GT13E2 gas turbines at the Samra Station.

The AGP solution as per GE provides extended availability with a gas path maintenance interval of up to 32,000 hours. It is also expected to extend the life of the turbines and parts to up to 96,000 hours, besides increasing output and efficiency while decreasing fuel costs.

The MXL2 upgrade also results in extension of service intervals while boosting the output of the gas turbine by up to 15MW. Through the upgrade, an improvement of 1.5% in the combined cycle efficiency is expected.

Image: GE inks multi-year services agreement with SEPCO. Photo: courtesy of General Electric.