Gazprom has announced that it has put into operation the gas pre-treatment plant UGGP-10 at the Kharvutinskaya area of the Yamburg oil and gas condensate field. Gas from UPPG-10 with 8.2bcm annual productivity will be supplied to UKPG-9 with 18.2bcm annual design capacity, which was commissioned in December 2006.

The Yamburg field is the largest field owned by Gazprom, which has been developed since 1986. The field is divided into the Yamburgskaya, Kharvutinskaya and Aneryakhinskaya areas.

Yamburggazdobycha (a wholly owned subsidiary of Gazprom) owns the license for development of the Yamburg oil and gas condensate field. Yamburggazdobycha owns some 42% of natural gas produced by Gazprom. In addition to UGGP-10, the startup complex consists of 32 wells integrated within 15 clusters and local gathering gas pipelines.