GAZ-SYSTEM has been granted relevant building permits for the Tworog – Kedzierzyn-Kozle gas pipeline.

The construction works on the gas main, with the length of 43.4 km and the diameter of 1000 mm, are going to launched later this year. 

The 35.8 section of this pipeline is going to run through Slaskie Province, within the communes of Tworog, Wielowies, Toszek and Rudziniec, whilst the section of 7.6 km will be placed in Kedzierzyn-Kozle,  Opolskie Province. 

In addition, the investment is going to cover construction of the gas distribution center based in Tworog. The structure will include pig launchers and pig receivers, that allow for cleaning and maintenance of the gas pipelines. The new gas pipeline is going to be connected with the designed gas pipelines: Tworog – Tworzen and Zdzieszowice – Kedzierzyn-Kozle.

The Tworog – Kedzierzyn-Kozle gas pipeline is considered a component of the western line of the North-South gas corridor. The European Commission provided this investment with the PCI status. Implementation of this project will contribute to enhancement of transmission capacities within the region and improvement of security and diversification of natural gas deliveries across the country.