Spanish energy company Gas Natural has invested E650,000 to replace old or defective gas appliances as part of its renewal plan.

Since its launch, around E1.7 million have been invested in the renewal plan, which the Department of the Economy and Technological Innovation of the Community of Madrid has been running in collaboration with Gas Natural.

The company has contributed almost 40% of that total. With this investment, since the plan was put into operation, approximately 6,200 gas heaters have been replaced, with the aim of ensuring the safety of gas appliances and removing appliances that are defective or more than 10 years old.

Now in its third year of operation, the plan is continuing to fulfill its aims effectively and the energy company has invested all of the money budgeted for 2007, up to E400,000. In the first eight months of this year, the plan has contributed to the replacement of around 1,200 heaters.

The company has invested E500,000 in 2005 to replace 2,046 heaters, while in 2006 the company changed 2,969 heaters, with an initial budget of E400,000 to which the Community of Madrid contributed a further E350,000.

Approximately 90% of old and defective domestic gas appliances are replaced by sealed heaters which are significantly safer. Under the plan, between 22% and 28% of the replacement costs are met, depending on the quality of the new appliance and the amount of work involved.