Last month, the Department of Energy (DOE) signed two agreements, one with the FutureGen Industrial Alliance and one with Ameren Energy Resources that committed $1bn in Recovery Act funding to design, build and operate FutureGen 2.0.

The FutureGen Industrial Alliance is responsible for the selection of the new host storage site, which will include a geologic sequestration research complex, craft labor training center, and a visitor center.

The storage site will be designed to accept and store the 1.3 million metric tons per year of CO2 captured at Ameren’s Meredosia plant for at least 30 years.

This site also will be capable of storing CO2 from other power and large industrial sources in the future.

The FutureGen Industrial Alliance has initiated the storage site selection process by releasing its ‘Guidance for Prospective Site Offerors.’

The Alliance expects to issue a request for proposals in late October/early November 2010.

Following the site selection, expected to occur in early 2011, the Alliance will prepare detailed environmental and technical information for the selected site that will be provided to the Department of Energy in support of the Department’s efforts to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act and its preparation of the Environmental Impact Statement for FutureGen 2.0.