wpd has begun construction of offshore wind farm in Nordergründe in German North Sea, laying first monopile deep foundation at the 111MW project.

The wind farm is being built about 15km from the north-east coast of island of Wangerooge in German North Sea within a 12 mile zone.

The wind turbines will be installed in water depths of up to ten meters.

For the offshore wind farm project, a total of 18 Senvion type 6.2M126 plants are needed to be setup at the mouth of the Weser near the coast.

wdp will be responsible for the construction and operation while Tennet will be the network operator for this project and will be supplying the power through individual connection.

wpd offshore managing director Achim Berge Olsen said: "We are delighted with our positive start at the construction site.

"The team has done an excellent job so that following our extensive preparations we have now been able to start work on the foundation structures.

"And commissioning of the wind farm is planned for the end of 2016."

Nordergründe offshore wind project is considered to be a unique project because it will be first German offshore wind farm project where the equipment will be supplied and installed exclusively by resident and operating manufacturers from the north-west region of Germany.

The suppliers include Senvion for turbines, Ambau for foundations, BVT for transformer stations, NSW for cabling within the wind park and Bilfinger for installation.

Financing for the project was given green signal in June 2015 by European Investment Bank, KfW IPEX and wpd.

By the end of 2015, Goather Insurance group has also involved as a partner providing equity capital.