Fuel Tech, a provider of engineering services for optimization of combustion systems and emissions control in utility and industrial applications, has won a commercial Fuel Chem order from an existing domestic electric utility customer.

Fuel Tech’s proprietary targeted in-furnace injection (TIFI) technology will be installed on a coal-fired boiler experiencing slagging problems associated with the burning of high-sodium powder river basin coals. Chemical injection is scheduled to commence in the beginning of the third quarter.

Douglas Bailey, chairman, president and CEO of Fuel Tech, said: “This announcement represents our second commercial Fuel Chem order this year from this valued client. Given our proven success at other facilities, we are confident that our TIFI approach will yield significant cost savings by enabling fuel flexibility, improving operating performance and enabling additional megawatt generation.

“Moreover, because of the success we have had with other stations operated by this customer, we are pleased to proceed straight to commercial contract, without the need for a demonstration. We look forward to working closely with this customer and will explore the opportunities of additional business on its extensive coal-fired fleet.”