Fluke Networks, Inc. (Fluke Networks), a US based provider of Network SuperVision Solutions, has introduced a new battery pack accessory, TN-XBP Battery Pack, for its line of Terminator Far End Devices. The new battery pack expands the operating capacity of the TN2000 and TN2100 Far End Devices by over 1000% at normal temperatures, providing over 35 days of testing capacity. At -20ºC, the new battery packs increases product usage by over 200%, allowing over 4 days of copper loop testing.

The new accessory battery pack can virtually eliminate lost productivity due to dead batteries at remote job sites.

Terminator Far End Devices are typically used with a CopperPro Test Set for circuit qualification, triple play test and/or conformance test applications to verify facility integrity, circuit loss and noise for a variety of broadband services. The CopperPro and Terminator combination permits complete two-ended testing without the need for an assistant to coordinate actions from the far end. The TN-XBP Battery Pack was designed to ensure this level of productivity, even under adverse environmental conditions. The new battery pack disconnects the Terminator’s internal battery, allowing it to function as an additional back-up.