Progress Energy Florida said that the 860MW Crystal River nuclear power plant in Florida, US, will remain out of service while the company conducts an analysis and review of a separation in the Unit 3’s wall of the containment building.

The company said options to return the plant to service will be analyzed following the report completion.

The company said it cannot estimate a return to service date for the nuclear unit.

In March 2011, retensioning work on tendons was suspended while engineers looked into evidence of additional separation resulting from the retensioning work.

The initial damage occurred in late 2009 in the concrete at the periphery of the containment building while creating an opening in the structure to facilitate the replacement of the steam generators inside.

The unit was already shut down for refueling and maintenance at the time the damage was found.

The plant has been shut down since September of 2009 and there continues to be no threat to public health and safety.

Progress Energy continues to coordinate repair and restart plans with Nuclear Regulatory Commission officials.