Hitachi Zosen has won a contract for an energy-from-waste plant (stoker-type waste incinerator, 370 t/d, generating capacity of 6,000 kW) in Thailand's Nong Khai Province by KPN Green Energy Solution (KPN), which is a company involved in engineering work for renewable energy plants in Thailand.

Nongkhainayu Co., Ltd. ("NKNY"), which is involved in the renewable energy business in Nong Khai Province, is planning the construction and long-term operation of energy-from-waste plants. The company has ordered the EPC work for the energy-from-waste plant from KPN, while Hitachi Zosen has been asked by KPN to supply the incinerators and waste gas processing equipment that form the core equipment for these plants.

NKNY has been contracted by a Nong Khai local government body to operate a waste processing business for a period of 25 years, which will be used to generate electricity from the thermal energy generated by waste incineration, which will in turn be used to power the plant as well as be sold to local utilities.

This current order is the result of the track record in stable operation of the energy-from-waste plants Hitachi Zosen has delivered, as well as KPN’s assessment of Hitachi Zosen as a company that offers high levels of reliability and functionality.

The Hitachi Group has so far received more than 830 orders for energy-from-waste plants, mainly in Japan, Asia, and Europe and other areas, one of the highest of any company. Our Asian track record includes twelve orders for China, five for Taiwan, eight for South Korea, and one for India, and last October we also received the first order from Malaysia for an energy-from-waste plant. There is a growing demand for plants in Southeast Asia in particular from the aspects of both waste management and electricity generation.

The Hitachi Group is working with our Swiss energy-from-waste plant subsidiary, Hitachi Zosen Inova AG, as well as our bases in India and Southeast Asia to expand overseas, and contribute to global warming measures and the creation of a resource reuse and recycling society as one of the world’s best companies.